Case Studies

Rebuilding network for Gibraltar Leisure Group

Enhancing existing and introducing new infrastructure for data centre, security, and optimisation of both physical and Wi-Fi networks, deployed, and managed across multiple project objectives avoiding outage to business.

The Customer

Entertainment resort in Gibraltar with two casinos, bingo hall including restaurants and cocktail bars, and the biggest Sports Cafe & Bar in southern Europe.

The Situation

  • Document environment for management, support, and future change
  • Upgrade infrastructure for security, resilience, and performance
  • Consolidate separate physical and WiFi networks into single managed environment with segregation

Our Approach

  • Organise and re-patch all data centre racks and network devices
  • Replace near end-of-life firewalls with Next Generation Firewalls in High Availability pair
  • Introduce second fibre internet provider for resilience and failover with existing provider
  • Repair, replace and integrate CAT6 network across all properties in resort
  • Replace all WiFi Access Points with latest WiFi 6 Technology creating single group network

Outcomes Acheived

  • Improved resilience, security, and performance
  • Group network infrastructure management via portals
  • Next-Generation Firewalls providing advanced protection against known and unknown threats
  • Group WiFi permitting access to applications and guests across all properties
  • Infrastructure to support future applications and functionality.

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