Network & Connectivity

Ensuring Your Business Stays On.

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A degraded network will inevitably cost you time and money, frustrating co-workers and turning customers away.

The network is the backbone of your operation

Our infrastructure services install structured cabling, network and communications with qualified technicians, designed for optimum performance, resilience and security.

CAT 6, CAT 7, CAT8 & Fibre
TIA 568/ISO 11801 Copper and Fibre Certified

Complementing the network installation with configuration of switches, firewalls, and wireless devices, delivering the complete operational platform.

Infrastructure Services


Modern network installations through proven design principles and experience.


Resilient data centre, networks and workspace platforms that support business agility.


Infrastructure transition and evolution that doesn’t break IT or the business along the way.


Offices, warehouse, retail or hospitality, ensure maximum reach from your Wi-Fi environment.


Specifix can offer independent advice and manage the installation process, including SIP.


Next-Generation Firewalls for enhanced protection against known and zero-day threats.

Great IT Starts with Specifix

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