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The only VoIP system you'll ever need and works from anywhere!

Everything you expect from a business phone system and much more.

With Specifix you can benefit from the outstanding flexibility, and power, of the feature rich 3CX phone system, but not have to worry about administration, SIP trunks, hosting or support, Specifix provide all this as part of a cost effective 3CX VoIP solution for businesses of all sizes.

We are the Advanced Certified 3CX Accredited Partner for Gibraltar.


3CX can be integrated into existing networks and devices, with an extensive list of compatible handsets. VoIP phone systems offer crystal clear audio with no lag or call dropouts.

Free user-friendly softphone applications are available on PC and Mac desktops, avoiding the cost of physical handset, just a headset.

Remote Working

With 3CX you can use your business phone system anywhere, make and receive calls via Softphone, Browser or 3CX mobile app.

Whether you’re working from home or on the go, you stay in contact.

Calls to internal extensions are completely FREE and external calls are included in your company call plan.

Video Conferencing

Featuring HD video, file sharing, whiteboards for collaborating online and personalise your video conferencing platform with your corporate branding.

3CX Web Meeting utilises WebRTC technology, to offer secure conferencing without the need for pin codes and logins.

Integrated Call Centre

Set up call queues with advance queue strategies, with call back option as an overflow during busy periods.

Monitor your customer service, check the performance of your call queues, with 3CX’s built-in wallboards and switchboards.

Develop sales teams with discreet listen-in, coach colleagues with a whisper or take over the call entirely using call intrude.

Reduce Costs.

Reduce your phone bill by up to 80%, get rid of expensive line rentals and there’s only one cost for 3CX – no per extension charges!

Freedom to select your telecoms provider or have multiple providers to achieve best call rate combination.

Live Chat

Enable communication with colleagues and customers via live chat from website, mobiles, and integrated with WhatsApp.

Multiple Offices

Offices in other locations, including abroad or home, by linking these locations securely over the internet everyone is an extension away and internal calls are free.

International Numbers

Routing SIP telephone numbers from other countries to your office number or extension in Gibraltar, your customers or partners enjoy local or free call rates.

Call Recording

Choose which extensions are recorded and when, play and manage recordings stored from a database using compression to reduce the size for storage.

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