Cloud Transformation

Evaluate, Integrate & Adopt.

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Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions

Specifix delivers customised integrated solutions across a variety of cloud-based providers, including our own cloud services delivered from Specifix data centre in Gibraltar.


We help companies adopt to the cloud effectively, and in a way that works best for the business completely or partially, ensuring business continuity at every stage of the process.

Planning change with you, delivering proof of concept environments to measure success before go-live, helping you to manage business and organisational change, introducing processes and automation to streamline your journey to the cloud.

Managed Services

Cloud Transformation

Achieving outcomes by harnessing technology while managing business and organisational change for simplicity, agility and resilience, the first to introduce software defined (HCI) datacentre solutions in Gibraltar.

Public & Hybrid Cloud

Power your business with cloud technologies and simplify how you procure, deploy, and manage IT services. Specifix blend proven transformation methods with a depth of design and engineering expertise.

Software as a Service

Many companies are now looking to reduce or remove their on-premise infrastructure for their business applications, Microsoft 365 is a good example.

Infrastructure as a Service

Delivery of modern and highly available virtual resources; servers, storage and networking, allowing customers to deploy and manage applications without the need of maintaining infrastructure.

Connectivity & Security

Is your infrastructure supporting your business as well as it could, effective and secure networking solutions for remote workers, branch offices and cloud applications.


Disaster Recovery Plan is important for cloud deployments, for both data and VM’s. Invaluable in many aspects to recover from technical issues and potential disaster.

Great IT Starts with Specifix

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