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There is more to Microsoft 365 than just Word and Excel

Move your workplace beyond the office limits, 365 redefines the way you work, and where you chose to work. Microsoft’s suite of communication and collaboration tools are designed to improve productivity and user experience, transform your business with a Modern Workplace.

Success is about people

Your team is central to how your company operates, and empowering people is imperative to innovate and grow in a competitive landscape.

Having the right technology in place and enabling employees to collaborate and operate whilst working securely from anywhere, is a critical part of today’s digital transformation.

As a Microsoft Partner, we provide solutions that connect, secure, and transform your business, improving the way you work, enabling you for future growth and reduce operational cost.

Managed Services


There are multiple Microsoft 365 plans, we can help you compare and select the best business plan for your organisation, with ongoing support to manage user subscriptions and simplify billing.


Our Microsoft specialists ensure migration is not disruptive and delivers on expectations. Simple or complex, we have proven processes and experience to help guide you through.


In 365 security is a shared responsibility, Specifix can help your business protect against threats, integrated and monitored in your 365 environments, for desktops and mobile devices.


Microsoft Managed Desktops to centralised management of devices and applications, giving organisations control on how devices and applications are used and deployed.

Automation & Integrations

Automate and integrate, using Microsoft Power Automate, Flow and PowerShell tools to reduce workloads, improve productivity and empower through information.


Specifix support 365 for Apple environments including those mixed with Windows devices, assisting in deployment and management.

Great IT Starts with Specifix

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