Creating intuitive and innovative user experiences

Well designed user interfaces for customers and staff are crucial to enhancing and generating business value.  Over the years at Specifix, we have gained a combination of deep understanding of business requirement and extensive market knowledge to provide the best possible solutions.

Our formidable team of consultants have a vast expertise of UX and UI can lead clients from the initial concept to the overall production providing benchmark quality, testing and trialing until 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Research to make the best design decisions

As part of our design process, we define both the information that is required, and the best way to capture this information. With a range of techniques, we’ll decide the ideal research methods to give you the objective answers you need to make informed design decisions.

Spending time with users is essential, which is why we use one-to-one interviews and group workshops to reveal the content, features and functionality that satisfies users.

Prototypes and wire frames, essential design visuals

Early in the project, we will review your wire-frames, prototypes and design mock-ups and establish what is working, and elements that are not.  We will evaluate your main competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities which you could exploit.

Acheiving online objectives

The way content and pages are presented plays a critical role in helping users achieve their online objectives - communicating subtle messages that signpost key user journeys, important information and next steps. 

Determined by your site's Information Architecture, or IA, it is essential that you get every aspect correct.

A new perspectives, brings new ideas and opportunities

It is too easy to become too close to the workings of your site - often overlooking obvious issues or opportunities. A fresh set of eyes can prove hugely insightful.

Our projects typically begin with a review of the information currently available and extract essential information such as missed opportunities or gaps and whether requirements are actually being met.

Laying the groundwork, sketches and exploration

Rather than beginning with intricate interfaces at the outset, we build up our designs iteratively, starting with collaborative sketching workshops, encouraging the rapid exploration of ideas. 

Once we know the direction the designs are taking, we use interactive HTML prototypes, as these can be viewed and used in a realistic way.

Our visual designers will craft every element of your interface for maximum clarity and impact, we’ll also make sure that across all your digital channels, the experience is usable, consistent and enjoyable.