Native, Hybrid and Progress Web Apps

iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

Specifix have a team of expert developers who build the highest quality apps using the phone's native functionality. 'Native build' means that the code is written in the same language as the operating system. 

There are different considerations for each platform when developing native apps for these devices, and these aspects are all taken into consideration by our mobile design and development teams.

Our apps work perfect in each device regardless of the screens sizes and we follow industry guidelines from Apple and Google to ensure best practices are always followed.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

When we speak about Hybrid apps, we are speaking of an app that you would be submitting to the Apple or Android app stores; these are referred to as Hybrid apps because they use HTML5 for the interface with a native wrapper.

We are able to access some native features of the phone e.g. GPS location, camera, and the flashlight for example. It is the merging of these native features while using HTML5 as the development language to enable ‘write once, deploy to many’ that give this type of development the name and ‘Hybrid’.

Hybrid apps are ideal in situations where limited phone features are required and there is not a heavy performance load on the phone. As the technology powering this type of app continues to improve and devices get better in general, it is getting harder to tell whether an app is native or hybrid.