Don't leave it too late for your software modernisation

Migration of business critical legacy systems from products such as Microsoft FoxPro, Microsoft Access, dBASE, Clipper and many other platforms has become a very important service that we offer to our clients.

These systems provide essential systems to many businesses, but more often or not the original developers are no longer available and there is no system documentation, source code or development notes available.

However, lack of original resources can be overcome and we have successfully migrated many legacy systems into the latest technologies.  

We can take different approaches with the migration process, some clients want to retain the original workflow to limit the learning curve for its users, whereas others see this as the ideal opportunity to re-visit how the system was designed and allow us to produce a far more intuitive solution.

With many years of converting MS Access and Microsoft FoxPro to current technologies, we have dedicated web sites to promote these services.

Production of supporting user and technical documentation

We gain a complete understanding of your legacy systems and perform source code reviews as well as prepare documentation on the system structure and other useful technical information, as more often than not, with many legacy systems, several developers have made changes over many years, the documentation has not been kept up to date.  

Any other dependencies are also documented, as often legacy systems rely on other third party software which may no longer be supported.  It is essential to understand where third party products are used to ensure future compatibility or source alternative solutions for their replacement.

We document the existing database design and if necessary design a more efficient database. We also prepare with a thorough test process, the necessary migration data transfer functions.

No assumptions, a clear strategy for a successful migration

Our approach is not about making assumptions, we plan and have a clear strategy ensuring the migration runs smooth and achieves the planned milestones.